Member Benefits

Benefits of Texas Connection Consortium (TCC) and the Statewide Contract

Wholesale Purchase of Goods and Services:

  • Guaranteed discount of 30% on Ellucian proprietary products license fees
  • Guaranteed discount of 30% for all add-on license fees for all Ellucian proprietary products
  • Higher levels of discounts are made available to consortium members
  • Third party products can be purchased at the same time at competitive prices to complete administrative systems
  • Maintenance on license fees that are discounted is lower than non-consortium members
  • Maintenance escalation at less than 4% is the lowest offered in the state by any vendor
  • Training and consultant professional service fees are discounted from standard Ellucian rates PROTECTION OF MEMBER INVESTMENT IN ELLUCIAN PRODUCTS:
  • Schools converting from Plus to Banner get the equivalent licenses at no cost
  • Schools converting equivalent licenses from Plus to Banner pay the Plus maintenance rate instead of the higher Banner rate
  • Professional services must be satisfactory or there is a negotiation for a credit or replacement of the services
  • Software products that do not work or achieve the promised result(s) are credited or replaced TECH CENTER SERVICES:
  • Delivers Texas specific software modules to members for Plus and Banner to enhance the Ellucian national baseline products
  • Maintains and updates Texas specific software for Plus and Banner that enhance the national baseline product for new software releases or changes in requirements
  • Supports multiple platforms for Plus software modules
  • Develops software modules for members to comply with reporting requirements of the Coordinating Board
  • Develops state and federal regulatory reports for consortium members as required
  • Maintains and updates reporting and regulatory modules to incorporate new requirements and software releases
  • Additional tech center staff is added based on sales to new members or additional software sales to existing members with no additional cost to consortium members
  • Answers questions of consortium members on individual issues
  • Assists the 22 consortium members leaping from Plus to Banner with strategies, guidance, technical support and conversion tools

Other Benefits:

  • Since the TCC represents 37 Texas members, the consortium is able to influence the actions of Ellucian for the TCC and the individual members
  • Ellucian often will respond to requests to provide additional funding to support the efforts of the TCC (Ellucian provided over $400,000 over a three year period to add an additional staff member in the tech center to support the implementation of Banner)
  • The TCC is sometimes able to get special treatment that benefits the consortium or members
  • Contract issues are handled by the TCC board
  • An annual billing is provided by TAMU CC for maintenance and the TAMU CC resolves billing issues with Ellucian for the members

The above benefits are provided to all members of the consortium at no cost above the standard 15% maintenance fee that a member pays when they purchase a software license fee and the contractual administrative fee that is paid under contract to TAMU Corpus Christi for administering the statewide contract.

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